Synchronization between Joplin server and the ERP Odoo (Python)

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Goal: I would like to have a two-way synchronization between Joplin server and the ERP Odoo ( which use python.

How may I code a "client" in python that will synchronize all the data with my custom Joplin server the same as other existing client (windows desktop, ios, mobile, etc).?

Is there some example that could help?
Thank you

Joplin has a data API that is suited to fetch and create notes. If you want to use python, there is a wrapper with some examples.

Not sure how the interface of Odoo looks, but probably there could be a glue script to do the synchronization between Joplin and Odoo.


  • The data API works only for desktop clients. AFAIK the server can't be accessed with an API. See Does Joplin Server have the API - #9 by zblesk.
  • It won't be "the same" synchronization as Joplin uses internally, since you would have to implement the logic in the script.
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It certainly can be accessed, it's just that the API isn't documented. You need to either read the code or look at the network traffic between Joplin Server and the app to reverse engineer it.


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