Sync to Proton Drive in the future?

In my case, I first rushed syncs on a basic Dropbox account (with encryption) because I really had one single day before the conference I attended, but my plan is to redirect everything to the NextCloud on my home Nextbox device (NextBox |

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It's over a year since the last post on this thread. Has anything happened since? Does anybody know if there is a possibility now to use Proton Drive with Joplin? I may have missed something.

I'm using Dropbox for now, but I surely would prefer to use Proton.

I've been a Proton "Unlimited" subscriber for many years but only use it for mail and VPN. Drive has never worked for me. Other than being incredibly slow compared to others I've tried, some files would get there but usually I'd get a "Something went wrong" message and would not know what files were correctly stored and what files "went wrong." Every few months I'd give it another try, send off a few dozen files and as I recall, I only ever once had a perfect result. All the other times "Something went wrong." It appears to me that Drive is more of an archive type file storage than a real-time update service such as Dropbox so I wouldn't expect WebDAV to work too well, the lag would probably cause timeouts of some sort.


I have Proton "Unlimited" since last year. I never thought of using Drive as a computer back-up option. I'm still using the good old local HDD for that. I just use Drive like a safe for scanned documents. So there was never any upload problems because of the size. It just seemed like a good idea to use it for Joplin, but I know absolutely nothing about the workings of WebDAV. So I guess I was wrong.

I found last night, and somebody had already requested Webdav support in Nov 2022. It has just over 500 votes. So it may be looked at at some time in the future.
You can find it at the following link if you are interested:

But Proton have their own proprietary encryption which WebDAV doesn't support, so any solution would most likely involve a custom proxy that would have to run locally.

That may work with the desktop app but probably not with the mobile app, just like their mail proxy is desktop only.

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For what it's worth, I use Proton Drive with Joplin for some special things, not as a backup or sync. I frequently export long Joplin notes as PDF to my Proton Drive folder. You could export a folder and subfolders. You could copy your Joplin folder to Proton Drive if you liked.

Syncing with Proton Drive works great on the desktop but unfortunately, on mobile not so much since there is no file system option where you can point to a directly which could be your Proton Drive since Files (on iOS) supports & recognizes your Proton Drive as a folder option. So sadly a non-starter since syncing between desktop AND mobile is a key point of syncing in the first place :frowning:

BTW - I understand this is most likely a limitation of iOS and not Joplin.

I don't think syncing Joplin with your desktop folder really counts as syncing with Proton Drive. You are syncing locally, then Proton Drive is taking over and syncing your local folder with the cloud. You have a two step process. For Joplin to sync with Proton Drive (like Dropbox or NoneDrive) it would need an API to connect to, and Proton doesn't have that. As Laurent said, this would require a proxy like ProtonBridge for Mail. This two step process may seem to be functional (I too tried it and lost a ton of notes) but will eventually cause problems.

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Yes, thanks for pointing that out. I couldn't use it to sync on my iOS devices anyway so it didn't help. I'm using OneDrive for now but would love to see support for ProtonDrive as I'd prefer to keep my encrypted files there. I'm a new user - recently switched from years on Evernote. Great app and a very active community from what I can see :slight_smile: Thanks!

Proton Drive support is possible on Android hopefully soon via a third party app called Round-Sync. I have a request in to the developer to have it added to their synchronization tool.

Round-Sync is an implementation of rclone sync software that's available for Windows Linux and Mac. The program that does the work already supports Proton Drive so it's available on the desktop it just needs to be added to the menu in the Android app and I have a request in on GitHub for that very thing.

The way that it would work is you would set the Joplin for Android app to sync locally to the file system where you will choose the directory.

Round-Sync can be launched quickly whenever you need it. You can create and save tasks so you just press one button and the local database files will synchronize with many cloud providers.

When you're about to use your Android phone and you know that you've made modifications on the desktop that synced to the cloud you simply run the software first and it will do the synchronization just like Joplin would do when you launch the program only it's running outside the program. When it's finished you run Joplin.

Leveraging Rclone would let you synchronize a local database on Windows Linux and Mac to over 50 Cloud providers.
They've already done all the work creating the connection to the cloud providers and have great sync software. On the desktop it's a single executable file that you run with a batch file or script.

There is also a GUI for the desktop only it's no longer under development and can use some improvement. It's called Rclone-browser. This way you can sync with a mouse click.

I maintain a website and use rclone and rclone browser to synchronize the files up and down to the server.