Sync error: Error: Missing required property: type_: id:


I use Joplin 1.6.7 (prod, win32). And I wish to say the Joplin is absolutelly fantastic, thanks a lot for developing it and providing as free and open source tool!

Now, about the trouble. I have the error message "Error: Missing required property: type_: id: 7f37ab2480b74e96b004d24727ec86c3 parent_id: 3afde4c9eed446978eb04eb3c4279567 created_time: updated_time: 2021-01-04T00:01:55.893Z is_conflict: latitude: longitude: altitude: author: source_url: is_todo: todo_due: todo_completed: source: source_application: application_data: order: user_created_time: user_updated_time: encryption_cipher_text: " for several days.
I opened the on server, and found it is corrupted and abrupts just in the middle of the string without any "=="}" ending, and (in opposite to any other md files) without final strings
type_: 1"
Thus, the suggestion to remove the last newline characters after the "type_: 1" from the md file (as suggested in these posts 1, 2, 3) is not valid for my case.

Most probably this truncation of the md file occured due to recent faults of a server I use for synching via NextCloud, and the Joplin was able to transfer to the server only a part of this particular md file.

In the desktop Joplin all notes seem OK.

I would like to delete the problematic file from the server with nextcloud, but if I do this the corresponding note from the Joplin descktop will be deleted too. The md file is encrypted and I don't know what is the corresponding note in the Joplin desktop.

Please could you suggest how can I understand to which note in the Joplin desctop the corrupted file corresponds? (the search in the Joplin by 7f37ab2480b74e96b004d24727ec86c3 didn't provide any results) If I will know this, it will be possible to copy and paste to another note the content in the Joplin desctop, and delete the file from the NextClowd.

Thanks in advance!

The easiest method would be to make a markdown link with the resource name in the url section (between the parenthesis). Since you provided the ID I went ahead and prepared the link for you. You just need to copy and paste the below (into the markdown editor) and click on it to open the note/resource.

[I don't know the name](:/7f37ab2480b74e96b004d24727ec86c3)

Another option is to export your notes as JEX and look inside the file (it a tar), there should be a file

Thanks a lot! This really helped to reveal the problematic note!

I also found that just deleteng the from the NextCloud lead to another WebDav error ("Error: GET Could not open file (Exception Sabre\DAV\Exception\ServiceUnavailable) (503)"). It is nice that I put the file in the trash and restored it.

Thus, the final solution was to find a note as suggested CalebJohn, then make a duplicate of this note in the desctop version of Joplin, and delete the original note.

Thanks again for help!

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