Sync Bug on USB Stick

Hi there
Using Joplin 2.13.15 on Debian linux and Joplin 2.13.10 on Android 12 Phone, I use "File System" Synchronization Target on both devices and sync them by a USB stick.
The sync process is buggy in this situation: e.g. Creating new notes or renaming notes on Debian linux hasn't any effect on the Android phone after syncing by USB stick!

Any clue?!

This is a serious bug!
Why doesn't anyone answer?!
No one is there?!!

Theoretically this should work, however I don't think there are many people who sync Joplin like that. Please at least provide screenshots and logs from the Android device, as with this amount of information, it's really not possible to say or do much.

Is the file system folder you are syncing to actually ON the USB stick or are you using it to copy the contents of a sync folder on one device to the sync folder on another device? If the latter, I cannot see how sync can work. This is because they are both making changes to their sync folders but you are overwriting the changes one has made with the data from the other.

Yes, the file system folder I'm syncing to is actually ON the USB stick. I connect the USB stick to mobile or laptop and after successful mounting it, sync Joplin with it; then safe remove the stick and connect to the other device and sync to it.
Surprisingly, some changes (new notes, renames, deletes, etc.) sync between devices and some of them not!!

Today I discovered a new thing about this bug:
Changes to Joplin Notes on Android are properly propagated to Joplin on Linux, but the other way around doesn't happen very often!