Support for Singlefile?

I love Joplin, but SingleFile currently has a better web clipper. Any chance support could somehow be added to allow one-click SingleFile to Joplin adds? I know SingleFile can do this if Joplin could receive WebDAV requests, but I'm not sure of any further technical details. Thanks.

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Do you have an example where SingleFile performs better than the Joplin Web Clipper with the "Clip complete page (HTML)" option? I think both essentially do the same thing and bundle HTML and CSS in a single item. Maybe the difference is that SingleFile can bundle JS too and we don't for security reasons.

Sure. I need to clip a lot of Reddit, and I use the older format of Reddit.

So take this URL for example (this forum is not allowing me to add links so I am breaking it into pieces

https:// old dot reddit dot com/r/literature/comments/17a9o2v/whats_your_favourite_japanese_contemporary_or/

Joplin fails to capture the comments. SingleFile gets it all perfectly.

Ok that's interesting, the comments are indeed hidden when saving the page HTML although they are present in the code. I'll create an issue to track this

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