Support for RTL (Arabic/Hebrew) is it possible now with the plugins?

The RTL feature was discussed here a while ago, the last thing I knew is that it was only possible through adding this short html tag in the MD editor

< div dir='rtl'> arabic text < /div>.
(auto instead of rtl does the same but only once. It follows the direction of the first letter it finds)

It's not a perfect solution, but that's what was said then, and it works but adding a button to just add it while one types or any other solution would be great.
Also there is no Arabic dictionary in the dictionaries list. It would be great if we can add it.

Thanks in advance

I'd like to support this natively (no plugin) but due to my total lack of Arabic/Hebrew knowledge it's difficult to look for any solution. There's a GitHub thread where some users have provided information, which I'll look at some day.

The thread @laurent is talking about is here support for RTL languages · Issue #3991 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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