Support for archiving notes?


I’d like the ability to archive a note (on any platform) and have it behave similarly to the current To-Do system. I’m not sure what the database structure actually looks like, but I’m assuming it would just be a flag on the note indicating that it is ‘archived’. In the Joplin client, there would be an option “View archived notes” similar to the current “View completed notes” option. Searching would probably also search archived notes by default, but maybe show them at the bottom of the list, below unarchived notes.

The use-case for this is that I create a lot of temporary notes that I don’t want to delete, but don’t really need to see most of the time either. For example, when I’m traveling I will save things like addresses, flight numbers, contact info, directions to places, etc. When I’m done traveling, I can just archive them and they won’t clutter up my normal list of notes.

As a workaround, I’m currently using the todo system for this. When I’m done with a note, I’ll convert it to a to-do type and then mark it as completed. I don’t want to create a new “archive” notebook, because I want the note to stay in the same notebook as it provides some context information.

I saw a similar feature request at [Feature request] archive notes but what the author there was wanting is not what I was thinking at all.


That's not exactly a workaround as that's more or less why todos are there. When I have something temporary I often also create a todo and tick it off once it's sorted. An archive status would more or less replicate this so it seems a bit like duplicate functionality.

That’s good to hear that that is more or less the same as what you’re doing. I agree it would pretty much be duplicate functionality, but it also feels weird to me to not have it separated some how.

What about a new action in the right click menu called “Archive note” where it just changes the note type to a todo and completes it automatically? I know it only saves a few clicks/taps, but it’d be convenient and might help encourage new users that they do have the ability to “archive” notes. You could also potentially select multiple notes and convert/complete them all at once which I don’t think is possible right now.

I just use sub notebooks for this. Inside my Work notebook I have sub notebook Archived-Work and so on.

Makes it easy to archive notes from my mobile devices as well.


I like the idea of an archive option. Sometimes I create notes that I no longer need to see, but may need to dig up later. It would be nice if were possible to hide those notes, still searchable, while keeping notes and to-dos separate.

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One thing that would be really useful is being able to separate certain notes from the others in your sync folders. Then, you could use something like fossil or 7zip to back it up without having to touch your files you don’t want to archive

You may want to follow the other “archive” thread: [Feature request] archive notes

They’re looking for something more like what you’re describing.