Share a lovely Joplin userstyle.css file

I'll share one for now and may continue to add to it in the future
The first one is a lovely purple style theme style

The way to use it is to copy the userstyle1.css code under the userstyle folder, and then change the css code in the custom style sheet.

You can download it on my Github!


Share another Joplin userstyle.css

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I am very happy to recommend this Markdown style for Joplin to you, which has the following characteristics:

  1. A concise and clear hierarchical structure;
  2. Cute hover animation (interacts with you when you slide the mouse over certain elements);

3. Beautiful code box (optimized Joplin's code box according to mdnice's style)
You can preview it through the following image!

You can find it in my Github warehouse!


Thank you for sharing!

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Very beautiful, look forward to more of your masterpieces.:hugs: