Strikethrough not supported?

In the Markdown guide, it reads that strikethrough is not supported:

However for cases where certain features aren’t supported (such as strikethrough or to highlight text), you can also use HTML code directly.

The use of ~~ actually works, though.
Is that an old part of the guide not yet updated? Or is it something available only in the latest beta?


Hi @verysame
It could be an outdated part of the doc. All plugins disabled, I see the ~~ tag is effective, striking the text.


you need to have the plugin for strikethrough enabled. original markdown didn’t support it and many other things like tables, footnotes etc etc. The rest have become fairly standard though, but it depends on the individual implementations.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 09.14.22

That’s not the plugin for strikethrough.

oops. :flushed: you're right, it's two tilde that does strikethrough :sweat_smile:

Thank you, @betternote

I thought it was perhaps outdated.
I’m glad to see it works!