Adding functionality to the toolbar

I was going through other note-taking apps online and one thing that everyone had was a strike-text button just like LOREM IPSUM

like this

(we can also implement the Underline button too)

Laurent said that strike-through is not supported because of it not being a part of markdown spec

if by this he implies using HTML syntax like but I guess you can add strike using tilde
~~ () ~~ () so any thoughts @laurent @tessus

If you think that this feature should be implemented, I would like to work on this and create a pull request

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I really like this idea.
Discourse itself supports it using <s> <\s>, same for GitHub, see

I use it, when I have to edit a mistake in post but want to show what changed, as well as for to-dos

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We can support that with a plugin but it won’t be in the toolbar. With the exception of file attachment, the toolbar buttons are only for standard Markdown features.

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could we have placeholder for plugin in the toolbar, so in case of malfunction etc. it can be easily deactivated ?

That’s a major change and haven’t thought much about it.

In general I’m not so keen on non-standard Markdown features because it makes rendering more and more complex and limit the improvements we can make. And the more we add, the more it becomes a hybrid markup that works only in Joplin, which means you can no longer move around your data easily or edit it with other software.

If @laurent want to keep the toolbar limited to markdown functions there would be also tables for example
I asked for that in this topic

that is true, cross-compatibility has to be considered. Someone has to summarize /

for the record the closed PR