SQLITE_CONSTRAINT - better error to debug what part of sync failed


This error only shows that sync was problematic, most likely due to some file disk storage problems on one of the hosts. I dropped the whole sqlite and started again but it still happens. Regardles of original source of this problem, I can't really debug what values are there now. Can we update the error to show id of note being inserted ?

I'm not quite sure, but is there not more infomation in the log or debug console?

That's not a storage issue but some problem with your data. Note IDs are globally unique so in theory it's not possible to hit a unique constraint, unless there's a script or something that creates notes with a static ID.

Do you use any plugin or external app that's connected to Joplin?

yes there is data there, thank you for pointing this out,

@laurent no, I have 2 PCs and Mobile synced by MEGA and Mega Sync Pro. Nothing fancy

Then data got duplicated for unknown reasons at some point. You would indeed need to find the ID that's causing problem and delete the item.

File is correctly one on disk, I will check and try delete it

I can delete it from sqlite db but sync wants to create it two times which triggers the unique constraint error...

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