SQL Error while Sync with OneNote

Hi everyone

on Winn 11 with Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, win32)
Client-ID: 85e9d46d8d204d028f3b20e2e2636e82
Sync-Version: 3
Profil-Version: 41
Unterstützter Schlüsselbund: Ja
Revision: 98fba37

I encounter the following error:

SQLite_Busy: database is locked: DELETE FROM deletet_items WHERE item_is = ? AND syc_target = ?: a786ebd3c4c40178957d149cf1511,3

It could be, because I uploded about 10GB of .enex notes and made some customization while working in joplin and at the same time importing the notes.

Or it maybe, beceaus the SQLite is not (yet) fully synced?

Thats the rwo reasons that I would point too. But I`m not a coder.

Also, If I work in jolin, It uses a huge amount of memmory and tasks.

(Memory Usage)

(Tasks running simoltoinoues in the background)

I`m not sure, if the Tasks are due to some Plugins. But I could Imagine that.....



What plugins do you have?

That was quick :slight_smile:

I hope, this helps you @laurent

I think Agenda has performance issues so you could try to disable this one as a start.

But that makes me realise it would be good to identify the plugins properly in the task list, to know which ones really consume a lot of resources.

I did this allready. Unfortunally, the perormance issue did not go away. But what bothers me more at the moment is the sync issue.. @laurent

The "SQLite_Busy: database is locked" error is not possible within the main app. Only way it can happen is if something external is accessing the database (either another instance of Joplin or a really poorly written plugin, but I don't think such plugin exists). It might just be that you need to restart your computer to clear any bad process.

Also the reboot did not work. I do sync with onedirve. I did saw theire, that this seems to be an issue with it. Yesterday evening and last night it worked well. Then I did several reboots, cleaned the chache, rebuild the sync as desribed.... But still got the same error.

First of all, you should disable all plugins to narrow down the problem and determine whether it is a bug in the plugin or a bug in joplin itself. If it is a plug-in problem, a dichotomy may be needed to determine which plug-in.

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