Speech To Text / DFA Font


It will be great if we could record text that is said into a note.
And also the possibility to switch to DFA Font

All of this could be useful for dyslexia.

Is there any speech to text open source lib that could be used? I imagine it’s quite CPU intensive so maybe wouldn’t work on mobile?

on android mobile there is a text to speech app (the opposite) named '@voiceapp'
I don't know any free engine for speech to text. There are apps on windows (onenote), Chrome is able to manage that too but I never tried.
I've just found list of speech to text recognition software on wikipedia.

I know it's a hard topic as I tried something with that too.
That should be the opposite for helping dys people ...
It's not easy but in case someone knows :slight_smile:

Actually isn’t it something that’s supported by operating systems? i.e. some utility that runs, records the speech, and sends it to whatever text input is currently active. I think it would make more sense than implementing this on every text editor, but not sure if such an utility exists.

With windows, the speech to text feature is enable on the OS layer (with sound settings), then OneNote is able to use it (with specific settings too)
With android, as we can say ‘ok google’ to activate the voice recogn. I imagined there is not so many thing to do, to use the sound and produce the output of that (like @voice aloud reader does)

the only thing I found with react navtivbe is this project. Others projects use TTS (TextToSpeech) instead of STT.

Can’t you just specify it as a font in the settings?

Re speech recognition: I think this would be mostly unnecessary work, since it really is getting incorporated quite well into OSes. Especially the mobile ones.

It wasn’t until recently that I’d noticed that when I’m typing on my Android phone, a notification pops up, allowing me to switch keyboards. One of them is called “Google Voice Typing”. When I select it, I can just dictate and the text gets entered wherever my cursor originally was.

I have used this to dictate notes to Joplin many times. (Btw, one of the features I missed from Evernote was the ability to record audio notes - and this dictation has largely made this a non-issue for me.)

Thanks I will try that

I tested that and that works.
it remains to convince my son for using Joplin :slight_smile:

For the font, you could only need to switch the font of the text but not of all the OS + Software.
but, after that, it’s a question of sensibility of each dyslexia people.

I know one cool software that can transcribe 1 hour of audio or video materials in 10 minutes. It is called Audext - free audio to text converter. It has many helpful features.