Sort button shows/hides certain notes - a bug?

I am using desktop v2.8.8. on Mac.
When I click the sort button (to select a different sort order within the notes list) 2 or 3 notes out of 10 become (un)visible - certainly sth unexpected and unwanted. Neither note title nor the notes contain any special chars or formatting.
Could anybody confirm that this happens on windows too before I file a bug report ?
Thank you

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This is definitely a problem not seen in earlier versions. Really nobody having the same problem, or is it possible that you didn't realize you do ?
Could sb may be try different sort options in different note-books and watch what happens ?
Your support much appreciated !!!

Can you post some screenshots that show the problem at hand?

I'm not seeing anything special when clicking the icon in the Windows version of Joplin.

Sure, it appears that the problem does not easily show when you create a new notebook and add note1, note2, and note3 etc.
Here are the screen shots. Both showing the same notebook with a number of notes related to Firefox. The only difference between the 2 pics is a click or two on the sort button. In the first pic there are two notes whose name starts with "FF", in the 2nd pic only two such notes are shown. All notes are text only.

The number of entries look the same though (14?)? How many notes are in that notebook?
It looks like you have some custom css to reduce the note list height - the current version of Joplin only slightly works with that because extra entries are truncated as it doesn't expect to display them beyond what it would normally be showing - which is the reason behind this PR (which has been merged but is not in a currently available release).

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The truth is, I do know how many notes there are, as - like you - all I can see is the 14 displayed. There could be more. And true too, there is a custom css, but it reduces line height only. I do not understand how this might interfere with displaying notes. But thanks A LOT for the hint. I'll try to disable it and see what happens !!

Because Joplin will only display what would have been shown had you not altered the line height, you don't currently get to fit "more" onto the screen which is what @ken1kob's PR fixes, have a look at the original issue here: Incorrect number of note items and unused dead area in Note List panel · Issue #5178 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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