Bug: last note doesn't show up on note list

I am on arch linux, Joplin 1.7.5.
If you have many notes (in my case more than 18) in a notebook, then the title of the last note doesn't appear in the list note - see screenshot.
I can force the title to appear by clicking on the title of another note and going down with the arrow taste to the end of the list.
Not a big issue but a little confusing.

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Might be the same isse as Reducing size of items in Note List causes items to be hidden

I'm moving that post here, since it is likely the same:

I'm on a small laptop, Windows 10, running Joplin 1.7.11.

I find that the notebook list items and the Note List items take up way too much space (I know I can zoom out the whole app). So I have resized the font and the height of the items. This is the css that changes the height of the items

/*reduces the height of list items in sidebars*/
div.list-item-container {

This works great and I get what I want. Except...

There is a point at which items in the list start to disappear before the scroll bar kicks in. Here is a screenshot of the behaviour:

You can see that the last two items disappear before the scrollbar appears.

ideas? Is there a better way to be reducing the height of the items? This problem does not occur in the notebook list, only the note list.

In this situation there seems to be an empty div that covers this area

<div style="height: 68px;"></div>

And as you change the size of the list container, this div's height changes.

I wonder if @laurent could give some guidance. I'd be happy to add it to the issues tracker on github, but I'm not sure if I know enough about why this is happening to report it in a useful way.


I think there's already an issue about it, at least it's a known problem although I can't replicate it. The empty item would be this one which is used to ensure the scroll area has the right size but without having to render all the notes.

Thanks! I believe it is only a problem when you have decreased the height of the div that contains the note title. I do that because I'm on a small laptop.

I wonder if it is really that big of an issue to have all of the notes always listed?

Alternatively, if there was just some better way to decrease the size of the space the note titles take up that would be the solution. Here is what my list looks like without my custom css:


And this is how I like them to be

Big thank you for all your hard work on Joplin! I love it.

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