Slowness and sometimes “the window is not responding” error message

I set the synchronization interval to 24 hours:

but as soon as I make a modification, the synchronization starts, slowing down the application with lags and sometimes even moving the cursor to the top of the note, making Joplin unusable :frowning:

I just found this message:

For information there are two types of sync:

Regular sync, which you can configure in the Option screen. It sends all the latest changes, delete notes as needed and download the latest changes.

Sync after save. It's a light sync operation that only sends the latest changes and it cannot be configured at the moment.

If I understand correctly there is no way to deactivate Sync after save.
Damn, I don't know how I'm going to get out of it, it's unusable.

Would Joplin Server avoid the problem? or maybe file system sync, with for example syncthing?

Otherwise I have to do without synchronization, but I hadn't planned that :frowning: