Single quotation highlight


I’ve would love a bit of more highlight when we use the single quotes (xxx) , as now it only converts the text into monospace type. I was thinking in something ala slack (see first line at 2:25 the text in pink uses single quotes and is much more readable:

I’m using Linux Manjaro and latest version of Joplin


You mean it should be rendered in pink with a dark gray border?

Colour doesn’t matter, choose whatever you want, the slack image is just an example of a good way of highlight this kind of text. What I mean is that currently is difficult to distinguish the one that is inside () that the normal one (as monospace font type is quite similar to the standard)

Indeed I don’t use code much in Joplin and didn’t notice the single ticks weren’t styled at all other than using monospace. I’ll add this as well.

good to know, thank you very much!