Simple operations

I am new to Joplin and I like it very much for its unmatched compatibility across the platforms. I apologize for asking about what most likely was discussed already, but I did not find it.

  1. is it possible to modify the script behind “insert date” button? I know I can make a custom template, but in this case it would be very good to be able to use custom script right there.

  2. The same question for images. I like to control image dimensions, so I use tag like:
    <img src=":/fb58106968404999b981f3b283e21d8d" width="500"/>
    Would be great if this could be defined in the toolbar.

  3. Is it possible to introduce custom sorting? I mean just by dragging the notebooks and/or notes up and down? My collection of notes keeps growing and I think I have OCD for file organization (joking, but kinda true).

  4. Is it possible to “protect” the note/notebook somehow? So that editing and deleting it would require, for example, typing YES or something.

  5. The search is great, but it would be very useful to see in what notebook that note is located. With many subnotebooks, it is practically impossible to determine (or I dont know how).

Again, sorry for the laundry list.

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Not at the moment, but I think that hooks and/or external scripts are planned.

Unfortunately there isn’t a markdown standard to specify the image size. I wish there was. The following seems popular with some markdown implementations:

![image](pic.png =400x300)
![image](pic.png =200)

I’d rather see such an extension added to Joplin’s markdown. I’m not sure how complicated it would be to add this.

This has been requested a few times, but I think it’s too complex to implement, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there’s an easy solution.


It is:

When you click on it, it will open the folder and select the note.

it is but not until to select a note

Many people ask this question so I wonder if we could improve the usability of it. How do other apps display the parent notebook in search results?

I think the best would be to filter the tree of notebooks on the left to only show those containing what was searched for. Still in the hierarchical way, not the flattened list of all notebooks.

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That looks like a reasonable idea, it’s the same it does with the notes.


Could one additional element / field be added to the “notes” and “notebooks” references used in the database called custom_sort_notes and custom_sort_notebooks?

Could the values in these fields be updated when when a note or notebook is

  • moved via drag-and-drop or
  • a text field is updated via text box or
  • new “move-up” or “move-down” arrows are selected on the screen?

This is feature that is used often in OneNote via drag-and-drop.

The initial implementation could be very basic, update a custom_sort_notebooks text box.

It does not open anything when I click on it. Maybe it is platform-dependent. I am on Windows 10.