"Simple Backup" plugin is 2 steps away from a profile switcher

I've been working with the "simple backup" plugin for a while. It works just fine.
But this morning it occurred to me, this plugin is two steps away from a simple profile switcher.

Imagine you wanted two independent profiles, one synced with server XXX, and the other with server YYY (or not synced at all). If the plugin is able to backup your files, and restore them ... if the sync target/data could be added to each backup ... this could work as follows:

  • user ensures Joplin is not in the process of sync with the server (go offline ...), now initiates the swap,
  • let the plugin backup all data of set 1
  • now let the plugin restore a data set 2
  • user works with the 2nd data set (read, edit, sync, whatever ...), as long as required
  • now he commands the plugin to reverse the process, and go back to the first data set - through the same sequence of steps.

No, I am not saying this is "news" or "new", just an idea. It doesn't seem far away from what Simple Backup is already doing anyway.
Please comment.

Running 2 copies of Joplin portable (or one installed and one portable) seems much easier and achieves the same result.

I mean you use a Mac?

I think with links is this much simpler.

  • Create Folder A for Joplin
  • Create Folder B for Joplin

To start Joplin A

  • Close running Joplin
  • Link .config\joplindev-desktop to Folder A
  • Start Joplin

To start Joplin B

  • Close running Joplin
  • Link .config\joplindev-desktop to Folder B
  • Start Joplin

The only thing is not to change the links while Joplin is running.

All this can be done with a simple start script.

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Yes, Mac is my usual desktop. Thanks for the idea, it is "less automatic" but certainly worth a shot.
When you say link, I assume you refer to an "alias". But I am still not sure what you mean.
Let's say I moved all my Joplin files to folder A. Now I make an alias. It is initially called "A alias".
Do you suggest

  • to rename the "A alias" folder as .config\joplindev-desktop
  • and move it to the location where Joplin expects to find it's profile folder ?


With a script which asks which joplin you want to start it is 100% automatic

Please do not use the commands 1 to 1, because I could not test them!


mkdir /Volumes/JolplinA
mkdir /Volumes/JolplinB

Start Joplin A

rm ~/.config/joplindev-desktop/
ln -s /Volumes/JolplinA ~/.config/joplindev-desktop/

Start Joplin B

rm ~/.config/joplindev-desktop/
ln -s /Volumes/JolplinB ~/.config/joplindev-desktop/

Thanks for the help ... and the cute diagram. Reminds me of the little plastic rulers with cutouts my dad used to use for his flow charts in the 1960's.
BTW the terminal command link (with flag -s) is equivalent to the GUI command make alias. But terminal commands are easier to use, and in case that sb else needs it for running Joplin on a Mac, ... here is what you need to do: omit the last slash in the link command above and it will do what has been discussed.

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