Show the full path in the note name

Is there any way to show the full path in the name of a note?

I read several posts on this topic and I think I understand the pros and cons; but if this feature could be made optional it wouldn't be a problem for those who don't need it.

At the moment, as patch, I add to the title of each note the abbreviated notebook name.

Thank you.

Joplin 2.7.15 (prod, win32)
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Windows 10 Version 21H1 (Build 19043.1586)


How about Note Tabs plugin's "Show breadcrumbs" option?


I did not know this plugin, thank you very much for your suggestion. But I don't need the other functionalities and adding a plugin just to show the path of the notes seems excessive to me. I try to keep the application as simple and light as possible.

This is what I need, but not only in search mode. :smiley:


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I'd like this feature as well. Sometimes I search for a note, find it, (I have over 3,000), and would like to know what folder it is in. I can search up and down my > 100 folders and subfolders and hopefully, I can eventually find it. I'd like to know where it is and also where I should be saving similar stuff. For those of us who rely on folders more than tags, not having the folder path is like not having the tags for tag users.

I don't care where it is, just would really like to know where I put things so I can find it easier next time.

Hi @SteveShank. If I understood correctly, the functionality you need (when you search a note) is the one shown in the image above. It works only in search mode, at least in my case, on a Windows 10 PC.
I need to see the folder name always, not only in search mode.

Hi all,
my old Mac version (Joplin 2.4.12 (prod, darwin) has still this feature.

Is this a difference between Mac and Windows or a removed feature?


I apologize because maybe I am not understanding well, or I am not expressing myself well. English is not my native language (surely you noticed that already :smile:). There are two situations:

  1. Search mode: Joplin shows the folder name (or notebook) that contains the note. Very good :smiley:.
  2. Normal mode (no active search): Joplin shows only the name of the note, but not the containing folder. Not good, for me :frowning_face:.

I need to see the folder name in normal mode (2), not only in search mode (1).

If all three panels are visible I can see the folder, but many times I need only the editing panel visible and the other two hidden.

I have no experience with Joplin on Mac, but I guess there are some differences with Windows.

Search mode


Normal mode


Editing in this way I do not know to which folder the note belongs.


I agree it should be everywhere. I disagree that it is the way I like it in search mode. I want the full path. Or if you like, breadcrumbs. I cannot understand why anyone would ever not want to know where they are. Turning on the show full path is what I always do when given the option. For example, under a business folder I have business subfolders for different projects, which have clients for subfolders. Seeing client X doesn't tell me if this was in project A or B or for Business X or Y. I want to see Business/busname/clients/clientx. Even if I need to scroll.

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I take it that if you need this it is because you are working with the left fold panels :thinking:

We had this info in the title bar at some point but that was removed for some reason. Maybe it's a matter of giving plugins access to the title bar so that it can be customised.

Edit: that was the discussion: Testing - v1.8.2 - Title Bar Path Format (Minor) - #17 by laurent

And the pull request: Desktop: resolve #3695: Show notebook and note title in the title bar by asrient · Pull Request #4390 · laurent22/joplin (


I don't NEED this. I WANT this. Even without it, Joplin is great. But yes, my left panel of notebooks has notebooks, and subnotebooks and often sub-sub-notebooks. It is very much an outline system. It has personal stuff, research and business stuff all in a single file. I have notes on Sextus Empiricus writings, clippings from news, vendors for home repair, detailed notes on what I've done (project notes) for many clients with notebooks for each client. I even have notes for when certain programs will come out on streaming media.

Under business I have software under that I've got subfolders for various softwares. Joplin has 19 notes.

I agree. It is true that if you have several nesting levels you need the complete path of the note, not only the containing folder.

In my case, most of my notes have only one root folder, so that information is enough for me.

I understand that it is difficult to meet everybody's needs. Everyone uses Joplin in their own way.


Is there a plan to implement full path to note anywhere on the UI, without using a plugin like note tab because notetab is totally not working with my layout, and II need to have it expand to see the breadcrumbs thing.

I am in the same situation. In general, the increase in the number of plugins causes problems of slowdown and visual space management.

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