Show status of background work


what is the best way to indicate that my plugin is working?
I have not found a dialog that I can display and close without buttons to show the status of the background work.
My plugin has no view, therefore I can not update this.


On dev side, you can always use print console statements and open the dev tools to see them. On user side, I think it would be plugin-specific so indeed you would have to create your own panel and display the info in there. Or do you have something else in mind?

Someone created a plugin that shows a status bar for sync info.

Or what about allowing people to access Joplin's sync status area? On the othe side, maybe we should create a status bar in the core that can be shown and hidden. And then an API call to post messages to that status bar (and to show/hide it).

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The same way i have started, but i don't want a new panel. Because i need to display only some time a status and the panel must be arranged and takes up space.


A status bar like tessus has proposed.
But a dialog box that can be displayed and closed and which has no buttons would be great too. Especially if it takes some time to compute the data.

I think one of the reeasons why a status bar was not considered was because of the additional space that is wasted. Although another bar at the bottom 1.5em high shouldn't be a big problem, especially when it can be shown/hidden.

Come to think of it, Electron allows to set the window title, right? Currently it says Joplin. Maybe it would make sense to have an API to set a text (and clear it), in which case it would change to
Joplin - text
Joplin | text

@laurent can I output/log some information to the Joplin console when I use the plugin not in dev mode?