Display sync status in titlebar


Since I use Joplin mainly with the sidebar and note sidebar hidden, I always wonder if sync went well or is done. I have to toggle the sidebar just to check.

Would it be possible to add the sync status to the titlebar? Something similar to the sync status located in the bottom part of the sidebar.

Also would it be possible to achieve via a plugin? This could be a good idea for me to try out the new plugins API.

I already use the line number and note tabs plugins and DAMN Joplin has now become even better!


I don't think we have hooks for Electron window operations (to change the title). Also the sync operation does not set a state AFAIK, but I could be wrong.

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Good point, I haven't thought about the complexity that Electron might add for this tweak.

Maybe showing sync status in the bottom right part of a note when no sidebars are toggled would do the trick instead. This might be feasible via plugin I guess.

Something like this maybe? (see screenshot below)

It depends on whether we can get that info via an API call. If not, a plugin won't have access to that info.

I forgot about that part you already mentioned. After taking a quick look I'm not sure this can be achieved with current APIs either. Maybe @laurent has an idea? Thanks guys, can't believe how Joplin has evolved in the past year. Incredible.

There's a workspace.onSyncComplete event which you could listen to, however there's no status bar in the app so you'd have to create your own view to display this information, using views.panel

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Great! Thanks for the info, I created a very small plugin to do just that :smiley:

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