Plugin: Status Bar to display last sync time

This conversation inspired me to create a very basic plugin that display the last sync time in a panel that can be used as a statusbar as seen on this screenshot (see right bottom panel, below tags):

The purpose of this plugin is to make it possible to see sync status without needed any sidebars enabled.

For now it is very minimal and some work still needs to be done to display when sync has failed or is in progress. Right now it only updates once workspace.onSyncComplete has triggered.

First release (1.0.0) is available here:

Code is available here:

FYI: Use View -> Change application layout to move the panel to the bottom so it is like on the screenshot.

Thanks for the plugin system, it really made it easier to implement such ideas.

Hope this could be useful to somebody else or inspire people to build their own.


I was wondering something about sync status. The API doesn't seem to return any information about the sync state (failed, in progress, etc).

Using the current API implementation: is there any way of knowing when a sync has begun (is in progress) or when a sync fails?

EDIT: UI issues happen when the window is vertically resized. The statusbar is hidden or wrongly sized. I'm not sure if it's the panel implementation or the way I implemented it though (top panels seem okay but bottom panels seem to suffer from this issue).

Thanks to @benji300 for the inspiration. (I got a few tweaks from your plugin hehe)

And thanks to @laurent as always for his quick and efficient help as always.

Not currently but I'll add it as it's quite straightforward and would indeed be useful.

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I noticed you added onSyncStart, thanks!
I started supporting it in my latest version (1.0.2), 2 things though:

  • It doesn't seem to be called when the app starts and first syncs
  • The yo generator isn't pushing this new update, I add to manually add the method to the interface in api/

Otherwise it works great and as intended :smiley: