Shortcut for toggling development tools

Okay. So this one feature is for all the developers trying to contribute to the Joplin app code. Wouldn't it be better to toggle development tools with a shortcut by not always going to Help > Toggle Development Tools.
As most of the apps have that like for example in Google Chrome (mac), it's Cmd + option + I.
Personally, it'd be a little more helpful, just a suggestion. :grimacing:


Yeah. Even I thought the same. It would be a great addition.

I had some trouble finding the option earlier. I didn’t say anything then cuz’ I thought it will be done as a part of GSoC project on adding Shortcut Editor.

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No shortcut for this, it’s not commonly used.


Ohh, no. Actually that project is to compile up a component for gathering all the shortcuts for menus and actions, so that user can edit it if they want.

Yeah, it's not commonly used because only developers need that. But it's fine if you don't agree to that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This might be useful for testing purposes though if a bug shows up. Not everyone would be inclined to start Joplin in debug mode from command line and toggling debug on and off and developer tools from either a shortcut (for users that are less UI driven, like me) or just from the menu in the Help section or Options, that might be a good compromise here. :smiley:

It’s also that at the moment there’s lot of activity on the project and we can’t really keep up with it, so for now smaller features like this will be put aside.

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In fact you can already open the dev tools, even without being in debug mode, if that’s what you mean?

Not what I meant. I was mainly referring to having the extra debug information in the console and log being toggleable so that users don’t have to either make a flags.txt or do command line arguments to activate it.

Yeah, sure. So, what we can do is keep this thread open for future reference if we add this soon. That’s be the best option