Shorcuts only use keymapping for US or UK


I'm using a Portuguese keyboard layout and when trying to use the shortcuts they don't work.
For the brackets I have to a combination of Cmd+option+8 or 9, but it doesn't work.

It was weird, I tried to change it to something more to my daily basis as a Sys Admin and I've discovered that the mapping only works with US or UK mapping.

Question: Is it possible to change the keyboard mapping in the code?

If not, may I suggest that in the 'Settings', in the 'General' tab have below 'Language' the keyboard mapping for the users to choose and clear the 'Keyboard Shortcut' tab so that the users after choosing the keyboard mapping can assign them to their liking.
Also, when exporting the keyboard mapping have all the shortcuts listed with the key combination.
That way users are able to save the mapping if for any reason the computer they are working is corrupted for some reason and they are unable to retrieve the data.
I'm assuming that most of the users are using the cloud options to save their data.

I will be waiting any feedback.


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