Shift+enter not working, creating 2 lines instead of 1

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I don't know how to explain this well, but my program suddenly won't let me input single lines when I hit SHIFT+ENTER. I know that if I only hit ENTER it will do 2 lines. But I tried hitting SHIFT+ENTER over and over and it keeps adding 2 lines now! Is there a way I can fix this? I do not believe my plugins or userstyles file are interfering with this. But now I literally have no way to input single line spaces despite hitting SHIFT+ENTER again and again. Thank you.

can you share any way to reproduce this? are you sure your shift key is not misbehaving, perhaps you can test it using this tool:

I figured it out! I was trying to be cheeky and use a program called Phraseexpress to hotkey a way to do a single line space by hitting ENTER. I fiddled around with the program but forgot to delete my work so it saved something that messed up the SHIFT+ENTER input. I deleted my work in Phraseexpress and Joplin works fine now.

I do wish there was a way to make ENTER perform a single line space like in Word and Evernote, but i understand that ENTER does double lines because of its core design or something.

Microsoft Word by default behaves the same as Joplin, i.e. pressing Enter creates a new paragraph, and Shift+Enter creates a new line. If your installation of Word does the reverse, then it's likely that the default settings have been tweaked.

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