Shared encrypted notes with Joplin server

I'm setting up a Joplin 2.2.10 server instance using the docker image from dockerhub (image id bad5ae142a49), with the purpose of sharing encrypted notes with my colleagues. I noticed that when I create a notebook it is correctly encrypted (e.g. downloading the item from the web ui I get an encrypted file) but as soon as I share it with someone then it is replaced by a non-encrypted version. Similarly, un-sharing it makes the notebook be encrypted again.

So I think that sharing and encryption are not meant to work together, right? If yes, is there any plan to support both in a future release of ther Joplin server?

I believe it's planned for a future release.

Thank you. From your reply I understand that you are not 100% sure about this, so is there a way to get more precise information and possibly also a rough estimate of when the feature will be eventually available? I'm ditching Joplin for now but if sync+encryption is not too far away then I would wait for it instead of trying other solutions.

It's in progress, and no ETA.


Thank you very much, I'll follow the development.

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