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How does Joplin Cloud hanle encryption when Note or Notebook is shared?

I am thinking on buying Joplin Cloud Pro Subscription but before jumping into it I need to know is it private?

Does Joplin Cloud use encryption?
What will happen with encryption if I publish encrypted note on Internet or share notebook with others?

It's all in this post (which I should probably copy somewhere else for documentation):

Actually I saw it. Maybe I should write my question more specifically, sorry for misleading.

I still do not understand "note publishing" option with e2ee. Have you mentioned it in this article?

Speaking about Notebooks, what happens if I cancel subscription, does e2ee return?

And yes, I believe it is better to exchange keys with users and have permission setup in case of sharing notebooks. Another close to real workflow suggestion is to have "commenting" on blocking note (published note). It is very useful when you, for example share with a team minutes, roadmaps. Blocking note prevents unexpected changes and commenting gives you a feedback.

Yes it's the same principle. If you share the note, E2EE no longer applies to that note.

I'm planning to add support for E2EE for shared notes and notebooks, but first I need to improve how E2EE works (started here)

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