Set title of note to match first line?

I've imported my notes into Joplin, and I'm hoping to use it as a replacement for the Notes app on my phone and mac. Unfortunately, the titles of the imported notes seem wrong and I can't seem to fix them.

I'd like the title of the note to match the text on the first line of the note, but I can't figure out where to configure that in the preferences. Right now the notes seem to have a separate title that is not related to the contents of the note. The name of the notes are all 'Untitled'. I can set the note title manually, but that's really annoying since I have 2k notes! I can still search for the text in the note, but can't visually see the note anymore in the list (since they all have the same name - Untitled).

How can I set the name of the note to be the same as the first line like iOS and Evernote do?

Did you export from Evernote? If you did then have a look in the .enex files in a text editor, I think the note title is taken from the <title> tag for the note rather than from the first line of text.
I had a couple like that:

    <title>Untitled Note</title>

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