Sensitive data in shared pc using Joplin

What issue do you have?

Hi! I'm studying the possibility of changing my notes activities to Joplin + Joplin Cloud.

I enjoy having one app for all my notes, and that means that I'm going to use Joplin in my internship. The problem is, in my internship, we share computers and sometimes Windows login accounts.

So, how can I, as a Joplin user, put a layer of protection, or at least something to hide the sensitive notes?

Please, do not transform this into a profound discussion about how the OS or whatever is responsible for file security or whatever. I see I lot of discussions on the internet on these terms, but I just want to "lock" some notes for other simple users in the best way possible, without hard security neurosis.

Can I handle these issues with Joplin?

Ty for the attention.

What you want is not possible within Joplin itself. If the OS is Windows, then you could use an encrypted USB thumb drive and run Joplin Portable from there.

There is no way I can, for example, make Joplin Cloud do not synchronize certain notebooks?

Correct: There is no way at present.

But again: You can consider the portable version on an usb drive, which you can remove, when needed.
I do use it on an encrypted usb stick (not bigger than my dummy nail) with my company laptop and that setting works fine for years now.

Maybe different Joplin profiles can help here, probably without the same level of data security, but with a higher level of data separation. But I do not use them, so this can only be a hint.

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