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Selecting multiple tags to see items at the intersection of those tags

I’ll be honest. I don’t even know how to explain this so I’m just going to do my best.

I’d like to know if any kind of enhancements are planned to make it possible to search for items based on the intersection of tags.

Say, I’ve got some items tagged clippings and some of those are also tagged writing and some are also tagged recipes. And say I only want to see my clippings that are also tagged writing. I can’t see that there’s a way to do that yet and I’m wondering if it’s something that’s coming, someday, or not. :slight_smile:

Basically I’m looking for a way to see the notes I have that exist with both the clippings and the writing tag. If this isn’t something that can be done, consider this a humble feature request.

This would be so useful to me. It’s something I’m pretty used to doing with my Calibre ebook library, in fact, so I’m kind of spoiled. I tag things and depend on the intersection of those tags to be a sort of suborganization of the content. It helps me keep my tagging under control and still get a lot of use from broad tags.

I tried ctrl clicking on tags to select multiple tags thinking that might work but it definitely didn’t work. :slight_smile:


I asked for that feature a few months ago


I also want to ask for this feature, It is very useflul.

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Me too; tagging is as essential as searching.
(In tiddlywiki.com you can do a lot with tags.)

I read that last night before I posted and I’ll be 100% honest that I couldn’t tell if it was what I was asking about or not, so I decided to err on the side of asking anyway in case it wasn’t. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using tiddlywiki recently and I’m loving it. Even without the markdown extension.

I tried dokuwiki on a stick a few months back and liked that as well but this is even better.

I always shied away from tw before because I thought there is a learnings curve or something and there is. Only a bit though but the things you can do with it, the possibilities.

Being able to filter notes using multiple tags is a fundamental tagging feature in my opinion. Adding this would be much appreciated.


Your posting is not new but the discussion goes on, so it is stll current.
See another discussion of tagging here and the discussion.

Here is a feature discussion from 2018. I am not sure what happened to this.
It does not seem to concentrate on tagging the way I would like.