Secure migration of the Joplin database

Please tell me an algorithm for safely transferring the Joplin database from one operating system to another (e.g., when reinstalling the operating system or replacing the computer). The configuration uses encryption of notes and synchronization with the cloud.
What files to save and what steps to take in order not to lose data during migration.

Before something like that you can always export all your note data to a JEX file. However you are syncing to cloud storage. So all you have to do is install Joplin on the new computer / OS install, point it at the sync target, sync all your notes into the new client and then type in the encryption password when prompted to do so by the client.

Thank you!
Not expected to have any problems with decryption of encrypted notes?

No. I never have. The only thing you MUST remember is NOT to switch on E2EE in the client. Just sync and download the notes from the server and wait until Joplin asks you to enter the password. An orange banner appears on the main screen of the app telling you a password is required and providing a link to the settings page. You enter your existing password and Joplin decrypts all the downloaded notes.

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