Search functionality in Joplin

For clarification, Does this have anything to do with the search feature? Or are you suggesting you could avoid using search if only you could have an easier way to find those two notes? If it's the second, check out Notebook, Note, To-do, Tag, Search Favorites Plugin

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I think the default search box is too small. Not only that, but the default characters are also small if we intend to perform a more complex query. Maybe the search box should not be aligned at the same height as the New Note and the New To-do button?


Hello. I wanted to send a private message, but it seems you have disabled it. What is the title and significance of the relevant note? Latin is my area of interest. Thank you!

Hello everyone. Thanks for this beautiful topic. When searching in the note search box using |, &, -characters, even if the words are correct, no results are displayed. There might be other problematic characters as well, but for now, I have identified these. It was mentioned that adding / at the beginning of the sentence would solve the problem. However, unfortunately, this did not work. @johano @muzak


Even though the same extension and settings are active, unfortunately, when I press ctrl+f, the classic search bar appears. The relevant option is not coming up. Do you also have the same issue?

Solution: It seems that, for the related feature, you need to open the editor and try it that way.

I commonly limit search to only the highlighted notebook. I find it cumbersome to type each time
notebook: . It would be really neat to have a checkbox next to the search box to limit search to current notebook.

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After checking here, it seems that this feature only works in the markdown editor. I usually use this editor and didn't consider other scenarios. In the rendered view it brings up Joplin's internal Find dialogue, but that's expected as you can't replace in the read-only view in any case. I don't use the Rich Text Editor, but tried Ctrl-F there, and it has its own—well functioning—find and replace dialogue.


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@Medullitus, just a swathe of text commonly used as a convenient text for testing, more info here

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Hi @johano

Thank you for your response. Yes, I had found a solution for that issue and edited the submission. Could I also ask you to try performing a special character search using the / symbol? For example, searches with the | character in the title are not showing up. Is it the same for you?

Created a note called Test | Note

GotoAnything will find it with test or note, but not with | alone

The normal search dialogue will not find the note with | alone

However, if I escape the | symbol, and search for /| then the note is found.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. So, we confirm that the / symbol doesn't work exactly for special characters. I also tried searching with /|, but no results came up. I will attach a screenshot. Did I do it correctly?

No, basic search with / works for special characters. It works in the search bar, but not in Goto Anything. This is why your screenshot shows no results.

Perhaps this and other search interface differences should be added to the Searching docs.

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Unfortunately, it didn't work. Let me explain it this way. I have a Turkish topic with the following title:

Yaşamı Başlatan Manyetizma mı? | Furkan Öztürk (Harvard Üniversitesi) - YouTube

When I search for this directly, I get no results. However, when I remove the | symbol in the middle, I get results.

But interestingly, it works when I try it with an English title. I will also attach its screenshots.

I am also attaching screenshots. I hope this is explanatory.

Created a note with the name Yaşamı Başlatan Manyetizma mı? | Furkan Öztürk (Harvard Üniversitesi) - YouTube

Switched away to another note, and then entered for /| in the search box

It found the note, I don't know why it is not working for you.

Using: Joplin 2.14.13 (prod, linux)


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The following points only apply to the search bar:

As a workaround, try adding any:1 to your full text search query (no /) to return notes satisfying any matches. This makes search return multiple results, but the topmost result will match your query and any included special characters, like the line break symbol | or ampersand &.

Basic search doesn't work with your Turkish note title because it unexpectedly ignores letters with diacritics, but only within words. Searching for an individual letter with a diacritic () returns notes with titles including diacritics (Yaşamı) and excluding them (Yasami). Searching for a word including letters with diacritics (/Yaşamı) only returns notes with titles excluding them (Yasami). Pasting the Turkish note title into the search bar would return your note if basic search didn't work this way.

An unrelated oddity is that when using basic search, all words after the first word are unexpectedly highlighted, as if they're returned through full search. If the query is wrapped with double quotation marks, all words between the first and last word are highlighted instead.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of the above.

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Thank you for your response and attention. I tried it on Windows and Android, but it didn't work. The situation may be different on Linux. However, a solution has been found. I'll share it in the next post.

Dear Muzak,

Thank you for your response and sharing your thoughts on the issue. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any results when I tried the any:1 command. Later, I tried enclosing the entire sentence in quotation marks in the search bar, like this:

"Yaşamı Başlatan Manyetizma mı? | Furkan Öztürk (Harvard Üniversitesi) - YouTube I got the result this way."

However, as you also mentioned, there is unfortunately an issue with Turkish characters in the Joplin application. I believe it might be related to ASCII codes, but it's just a guess. I would like to invite you, @johano and everyone to contribute to the thread I opened to encourage our developers to address this issue.

Best regards...

Odd. I assumed that full text phrase search wouldn't work if other full text search types didn't. I'd like to know why this is the case.

As for the any:1 workaround which phrase search invalidates, your screenshot shows any: Title. I suggested Title any:1 (any:1 can be placed anywhere in the query).

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Thank you for the correction. When I search as you suggested, instead of getting the correct single result, multiple results are appearing. However, the entire sentence is also included in the results, highlighted prominently. So, we can consider your suggestion as a solution too!

In reply to your three questions, I offer the following detailed work-flow. This use case only refers to basic Search functionality in the Joplin Android app:

  1. When looking for a particular note:
    1,1 I tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen then type my search term.
    1.2 Search results appear as note-titles sorted by date (I think) and I select one by clicking on the note-title.
    1.3 The selected note opens at the first text line, so I have to manually scroll page-after-page hunting for each instance of my search-term which are highlighted (Note: no search-term hit-count is displayed, and no way to jump to each highlighted hit as standard UI design would anticipate.)
    1.4 I click an unintuitive icon at bottom right in order to open the same note but now in edit mode
    1.5 Now in edit-mode I click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. (Note: inconsistent placement of the magnifying glass icon, but why are two necessary anyway?)
    1.6 I re-type my search term (Note: the keyboard now occupies 40% of the screen while Joplin toolbar& title occupy 15% of the screen leaving only six text lines of my note visible)
    1.7 Now in edit-mode-search, I tap the tiny right-arrow icon to hop to each hit of my re-typed search-term, and each is helpfully highlighted. (Note, I have to infer the last hit has been reached when the right arrow button become unresponsive, there is no greyed-out button-state and no hit count is displayed.)
    1.8 To modify my search term I have to backspace-delete and retype characters (Note: The X closes rather than clears the search field, and there is no way to select case-sensitivity, etc.)
    1.9 I tap the down-arrow to open the Replace With field (Note: now only four text-lines of my note are visible) and I'm left to guess what the four icons represent. Why do they only appear for Replace and not Find? (Wild guess for each icon function: toggle wildcards? toggle titlecase? toggle direction? undo? Nope, I'm wrong, there is no Undo. Unsure, rattled, I give up.
    1.10 To give up, I tap the X or the magnifying glass which closes the edit-mode search window. The note remains in edit-mode, as expected.
    1.11 I tap the back arrow on the topline toolbar to exit edit-mode
    1.12 I tap the back arrow again to close the read-only-mode of the note
    1.13 I have to tap the magnifying glass at the top again if I want to see the other search results. (Expected behavior would be to return from read-only-mode to search-result

  2. If I were to describe my current experience when searching for a note, I'd say I'm encumbered and bewildered and cynical.

  3. My expected search experience on the Android app would include a hit-count displayed in search results. Once I select a note, arrows for hopping to each search-hit within the note should appear in read-only-mode as well as edit-mode. And those arrows should appear on the top toolbar where UI space is ample. In edit mode I should be able to hide/reveal my keyboard, and should not have to retype my initial search term. Basic UI principles should be applied [i.e. current-hit numerator over total-hits denominator (e.g. 1/5.]; grey-out button-states, press-and-hold text labels for icons (as currently supported for the main toolbar magnifing glass icon), etc.]

Thanks for taking time to solicit feedback, and for taking on Search functionality after so many confusing years!

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