Search By Letter

Mac 10.12.6
Joplin 1.7.11 Prod Darwin

Is there anyway to search through all the notebook by letter? For instance I have a sentence "Call automotive at 10am"

Currently if I type "auto" in the search it doesn't return and search results back. I have to type "automotive" for it to return a search result.

Also is there a way to have the word highlighted on the page when you click on a search result? Currently it just takes me to the page but doesn't highlight the word I was searching for. Thanks for the help!

According to the search specs on you have to use auto*

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Use a wildcard at the end auto*

the words are highlighted, or am i misunderstanding something?

Are you using the search box? Instead, try the Go to Anything under Go. That will get you what you want.

Personally, I never use the search box anymore.

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