Script to web clip pages in android

I made a bash script to web clip pages in android




  1. Install termux
  2. Create bin directory and open that directory
    mkdir bin && cd bin
  3. Create termux-url-opener file
    nano termux-url-opener
  4. Paste below code in termux-url-opener and save it

curl -s --data-urlencode "u=$1" "" -o
TITLE=$(head -n 3 | tail -n 1 | tail -c +3)
am start --user 0 -a "android.intent.action.SEND" -n "net.cozic.joplin/.share.ShareActivity"  -e "android.intent.extra.TITLE" "${TITLE}" -e "android.intent.extra.TEXT" "$(cat"
  1. Give execute permission to termux-url-opener
    chmod +x termux-url-opener
  2. Share web page url to termux , It will automatically create note along with page content in Joplin

Demo Video


  1. Not all web pages support web clipping
  2. Some websites not clipped perfectly

Without termux(May be worked in IOS)

  1. Use this bookmarklet

2.Select all markdown output then share to Joplin

Thanks for @laurent for creating amazing application

Sorry for my bad english (English is not my native language)


@RakeshKumar, this is really useful and works very well.

Very clear instructions, no problem to follow.

The web-clip is placed in the notebook last open, is that correct?

Very well done!

:trophy: :+1:

Yes,That is the default behavior of Joplin android.
If you directly share url to Joplin instead of termux it also places note in the notebook last open.

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Very nice. We need to update the share to Joplin android function with this kind of code. I use Joplin every day and would love a better share function.

I will definitely try this ! Excellent elegant hack :slightly_smiling_face: