How do I save all text from a source on mobile, rather than only the URL?

I read a lot in Pocket, for example, and a lot of what I read I’d like to move into Joplin for further review, editing, etc. But the Share options in Android only save the URL into Joplin. I’d love to have a few options, much like the web clipper provides.

Is this an issue with Android (i.e. you’d like to do it but can’t), or a design choice (i.e. you can do it but for whatever reason have decided not to)? Or can you already do it and I’m just not seeing it?

It’s somewhere in between the first 2, it’s a nice feature to have, but complicated to implement. Android share functionality only sends over the url from webpages, so Joplin would need the additional functionality to detect when a share comes from a website (I’m not sure of this is possible) and then manually scrape the contents.
I think Evernote might be able to do this, so it’s definitely not impossible. But nobody has really been willing to volunteer the time for it yet.
If you know more about this android stuff and think you could make it happen, id be happy to give you an introduction to the Joplin code base!


Try this hack

I think that part is easy. I made a prototype where I added another Android activity called Joplin Web Clipper that would only accept application/text mime. So it's the user who decides whether they want to save the URL or clip the whole page.

Getting readability to work on mobile is where I have faced problems.

Thanks for the response. I appreciate the challenges but unfortunately, this is way beyond my ability to implement.

Joplin currently gets me 90% of the way to where I want to be without any of the downside to using something like Evernote, so the lack of this kind of feature isn't a dealbreaker. If it gets implemented at some point, that'll be great. If not, I'm still really happy with Joplin.