Script for creating a notebook overview

I wrote a python script that creates a note with a table that has links to all of the notes in a notebook and displays some properties from each note. It's similar to a Notion landing page, which is how I got the idea since a lot of my notes were in the correct format for this script after importing them from Notion.
The format needed is described in closer detail in the readme on GitHub. Don't know if it will be of much use to anyone, but since I'd already developed it for myself, I thought I'd share it in case it helps someone.
Since importing from Notion I use the Templates Plugin to keep my notes in the same format as the imported ones.


Running the script on a notebook called "Test" which contains the following three notes:

…will create this overview (with the specified properties being "Prop1", "Prop2" and "Prop3" like in the unchanged script):