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Saved searches

When using anki, we are able to create “saved search” to filter cards we want to group and study.
Could be useful if we could use the same.
It could seem to be superfluous but why not ? :wink:


this could be usefull for this use case

Seems related: I’ve been thinking about how maybe I’d like to have a search history; i.e. when searching, previous few searches could pop up.

yes or like firefox does, when arriving on a login field, list the values we already used in a list.

I am still looking forward to get "saved searches" feature eventually.
An idea I recently had toward this topic is, to introduce "Search Links".

Define a link which searches for the given search string, e.g.: [open todos in notebook A](search:/notebook:A type:todo iscomplete:0)

If this was possible, one could create saved searches anywhere you need them.