Save search query in the left panel

I would like to find easily my todo list. I would like to use /"- [ ]" like its described in docs.
First this query doesn't work for me :frowning:
Then, if it works, it will be great to have a shortcut in the left panel.
My goal is to have like an Eisenhower matrix

  • [ ] ==Important & urgent task==
  • [ ] Important task
  • [ ] ==Urgent task==
  • [ ] Other task
    Thank you

I donโ€™t think itโ€™s released yet

Thank you. Basic search is described in doc but maybe itโ€™s not released yet. I will stay tuned

indeed it was only implemented in pre release Joplin 1.0.207 (prod, darwin)

Are there any news on this topic? Is it planned to implemented? Because I think this could increase the usability of the app significantly. Because typing in these "complex" search queries every time is very annoying. I know that it is not planned to add more sections to the side-bar. But this one "Searches" could really improve the app. For example:


If this section would be at the top of the side-bar, you could also use the saved search queries as a kind of "Favorites". Which has also been requested before.

Another great option would be, of course, if it would be possible to implement something like this via the planned plugin system.


Saved search would be great!
Currently I have saved them in a note and I always have to copy them :frowning:

The Favorites/Saved Search should also be sysncronized so that it can be accessed on all devices.


links to a saved search would be be great in ht elft panel as well as an interal link I could use as a markdown link

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I really would like to have this, exactly like @benji300 's screenshot. + selecting a saved search should fill the Notes-list, + that sorting the Notes-list is done via the 'View -> Sort Notes by' menu-option, not by 'Relevance' per default. You might want to add 'Relevance' to the 'View -> Sort Notes by' menu.

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Hi @MrMacvos

The integration is less "native" but you can do it with the favorites plugin of @benji300

Cool, nice feature! It's a step in the right direction, but then the sorting is still not adjustable.