RFE: "view" of a notebook should not be a blank screen

Hey, UI/UX gurus. I want to know your thoughts.

If you click on a notebook, current behavior is that it will show the top-most note in the viewer or editor. Now, I think it should instead always show the last viewed note in that notebook, but that is a different RFE. What I want to discuss here is the behavior when the notebook contains no notes. If you don't have the Note List side-panel open, all you will see is a blank screen to the right. I have a feeling this should have some kind of gray-lettered message in the viewer saying something like "Empty Notebook" or something that parrots 'No notes in here. Create one by clicking on "New note".' Maybe it is okay to be blank if the Note List side-panel open and then show the message if that note list is closed.