Default/permanent "All Notes" view

ver 2.7.15 on Windows 11

Most of the time I prefer to have all notes (from all notebooks) showing in the note list pane. Is there a way to keep that view until I choose to click on a particular notebook? I don't like having to click on the "All notes" button multiple times throughout the day, so I was wondering if there's a way I can prevent Joplin from changing to a particular notebook on its own.

I'm not sure I understand where you are seeing this behaviour? For me if I have "All notes" selected then it stays like that unless I deliberately focus a notebook

This happens, for example, when I click on a note in my Favorites bar or on a note in my Note Tabs bar. But it doesn't happen when I click on a note in the Note list (that is, it keeps the All notes view).

Could this be related to one of the plugins?

It could well be, I assume when you click them they then pull focus to the notebook the note is within? Its probably either going to be a function of the plugin or a restriction of the API they use.

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