Resize image and resource managment

If we attach an image to a note and use the new img tag (to resize the image) instead of the regular image tag, the “unused resource” monitoring does not recognize that the image is used in the note. So the image will be deleted after 24 hours…

Yes that’s pretty bad, it will be fixed in the next release -

Thanks a lot, Laurent.

( And thanks a million for creating Joplin! )

What happens to resources that are unneeded? That were attached by mistake and deleted promptly but still got synced and show up in resources but not in the note. Would they be deleted or not? Or would I have to delete the note?

@subi54 if resources are not referenced, they will be deleted after 24h, because they are deemed orphaned.

thus to answer your question: the resources will be deleted after 24h.

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Thanks @tessus.