Resetting NextCloud Sync?

I want to reset Joplin syncing with my NextCloud server. All of the notes were removed on the server and are still there locally. But the app seeing nothing remotely and warning me that the sync directory is empty and it’s wanting to wipe out the directory (I have fail safe on). How I do a reset the app so it acts as if this is the first time I’m syncing to a new NextCloud server. I just want sync to upload everything and start fresh. I don’t see any options to reset syncing or anything of the sort.


I found a workaround for this. Not sure if it was the ideal way to accomplish what I wanted, but I simply did a .jex export of all of my notes, removed the failsafe to delete everything (ie, sync with the deleted files on the server). Then reimported my .jex file and synced again to push everything back to the server.


That’s a reasonable solution. JEX files don’t include any sync state so when you import them it’s like new notes, which in this case is what you needed. Currently we don’t have any good way to clear local state or clear a sync target, but there are plans for it.


Also, JEX files does not include the master keys - so I have found the simplest way to get rid of unwanted master keys is to export to JEX, delete the user profile and import the JEX file again.

Is there any way currently to reset the sync status of the client?

I was syncing with a test joplin server. I have created a new server however the joplin client tells me everything has been synced and will not sync when actually nothing has been synced.

I created a new account on the server but it looks like the client is not aware of the new user and still shows everything is synced.

On the Desktop client you can use the re Upload the local data: Options > Syncronisation > Show Advanced Settings > Re-upload local data to sync target