Request: sort entries on Synchronization Status page


I'm currently doing some tests and observations to see if I've managed to fix the drift I've been observing when using Nextcloud:

And there's one thing that would help me: ordering the entries on the Sync Statud page. What I'm doing is a copy-paste to a text file, that I save with a timestamp. I then have to use sort to create a *.sorted version of the file. Then I run vimdiff to compare the files I obtained from separate nodes.

Is there a specific reason why the items on the Sync Status page are ordered as they are? Would it be possible to sort them the same way as in the notebook list?

I'm not hell-bent on this, it's just a small improvement that popped into my head.

ALSO: curious that there's this trailing white-space on line 21. Does this mean one node generates the page differently? :thinking: