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Feature request: sync sort order between all devices

I manage my notes like book's toc:

But Joplin will lose this structure when I change to another platform.

Is there any way to sync "sort order" between all devices?


I would also much appreciate this. I am currently adding prefixes to my notes so that the alphabetic sort order equals my custom order. If the sort order was synced, this would save me a ton of time. :slight_smile:

I think this is a bug.

When you change the order of a task, the only order data(order field) will be changed in the db(sqlite)
Updating the time of task(updated_time or user_updated_time) is needed to sync data with other device. But in this situation the order was just changed so sync couldn't be happened.

I'll give you a tip for this problem.

  • chaning the order of the task
  • Open the note properties and Click OK button without changing anything.
  • Sync
  • Check in other devices

@ravenxrz are you aware of the View > Sort notes by menu? Are you using Updated Date, Created Date, Title, or Custom Order in that setting?