Painful ordering?

I'm using version Joplin 2.5.10 (prod, darwin), have been using many Joplin versions before.

The video was taken on macOS BigSur, I also have a second mac on BiSur and a third mac on Catalina and a phone on latest iOS, all of them sync through Dropbox.

Ordering is painful due to several issues:

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

If a bug report needs to be submitted, I'll do it:
All in one?
How do I cut this into pieces?
What helps?

I recorded a video (0:55) to show this:

  1. Cannot drag to top, there seems to be some offset? Speculating that offset might be caused by sync warning.
  2. Cannot get rid of the sync issues warning, when I click it I see this:

Two attachments that can't sync, I actively deleted them through Joplin months ago, but they keep showing up like this?

When I click "export debug report" I get this file: syncReport-1635949036365.csv (512.2 KB)

Does this help in any way?

The ordering bug seems to be this issue

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