Request more synchronization options

Ihave tried variations of sync options, synchronization choices, repos, repository to no avail.

What I'd like to request is to add

  1. GitHub
  2. Gitlab
  3. Bitbucket

as sync options in addition to Dropbox, local, one drive (is it working yet?), Nextcloud (no longer shareable) etc.

With Git repos we'd get another layer of versioning, but most importantly (for myself and perhaps others)

Is access anywhere to your notes. Yes there are a multitude of options. All common platforms, however that is predicated upon having the ability to install an app on the device one is using. Which is not always the case, company laptops, library this clients, Friend/family member's computer, borrowed tablet/phone.

One might not have the password/admin rights to install on every device one uses, but I have yet to encounter an instance with an IT block to GitHub/Lab or bitbucket.

In which case we'd not only gain an extra sync location, but the ability to edit in a web browser regardless of device ownership.

It is worth noting that the sync options aren't designed for storing the notes for easy access or to be editable on the sync target. If you edit the files on the target it will mess with the sync and stop it from working at all until you fix the problem.
The files on the target also don't have human readable titles and are not stored in a directory type format according to the notebook structure.
It sounds like what you wan't isn't so much a sync target so much as a combination of a sync target + web app as the current sync method would need something else to be able to 'interpret' the files, structure and metadata at the other end.

Drat, I was running into that issue when I was backing up my Documents directory.

I was hoping there's a way to turn off encryption.

They aren't encrypted as such. You can still read all of the sync files but they have file names you can't read (FAQ | Joplin) and have additional metadata added to each note. The real issue is editing them as if you touch the content within those files you will break the sync.

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