Request: Make the Note List bar horizontal

Hello to everybody!

Can the Note List bar be made horizontal instead of vertical as it is now? Would that be a simple modification?

Thank you!

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Does anyone know if that’s a complex modification?

Can this be accomplished by editing the CSS? I tried editing the CSS, but couldn’t get this to work. Could you please help with this?

I don’t know what you mean. However my guess is you can’t do it with CSS but you could do it in the code.

Here’s what I mean:

This is how the Note List bar looks now:

This is how I’d like to make it look:

That’s clearer.

I don’t think its possible by just userstyle.css.

It would be possible if you edit the code. My guess is it is easy if you know about editing and layouts in html and css.

I know some stuff about editing HTML and CSS, but I know nothing about editing and compiling software. Where do I start? Or is there a way to sponsor a feature?