Request for plugin: data size tree

My Joplin task export has been growing quickly and I need some constraints in order to find out which tasks I should be spending my attention on.

In Joplin's left panel with the folder tree, a number appears to the right of each folder, which represents the number of notes/tasks in that folder and subfolders, for example, a folder named "My Tasks" might have the number 9 next to it, representing the fact that there are nine notes or tasks in that folder or any subfolder. Many of my notes and tasks include attachments, JPGs, PDFs, or even sound files.

I'm interested in a plugin that has similar functionality that will allow me to see the size of the notes/tasks in the same manner. That is, adding a single task into a folder might show 1.5KB if it's just a single text note, or it might show 125MB for a single task which contains a sound file. Ideally I would like to see both the currently-existing task count and the size of those tasks.

Is there such a plugin existing now? If it does not exist, does the Joplin API give sufficient access to the sizes of notes and attachments? (maybe I can code it myself).


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The API has the required functions to get sizes. What it doesn't have is a way to modify the sidebar, so you'd need a new panel to display this data.

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