Request: auto-sort after search

I would like to see the list of tasks returned by a search to be sorted before being visible.

I don’t rely on or use tags anymore because my material changes too often, so I search for keywords. After I run a search, the relevant tasks/notes appear in some apparently random order. As soon as I edit one task, Joplin sorts the list. I am often moving text between two tasks and it is frustrating to have to re-scan the task list again to find where my target is located.


The main Joplin page under Searching says that the order seen after a search is “relevance”. So it is a sorted list, but not by title or date.

Search results order has come up before and it also looks like a lot of work is currently being put into search and the order of results has been discussed (see GSoC Search Engine Project).

I must agree however that working on more than one note at a time in Joplin is currently rather awkward.